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Bitcoin Bull Fodder and a Metaverse Warning: The Opinion ECHO.

Bitcoin: times have changed

Former Goldman Sachs manager Raoul Pal is certain that cycles in which the Bitcoin price moved, changed. This is mainly due to the changed proportions in the market. In an interview with Layah Heilpern, the crypto enthusiast explains his view that more people are investing in Bitcoin and Co. overall.

I think the cycles have changed. Over time, highly volatile trends become less volatile. We experienced this at Amazon in its early days. The fluctuations were 95%, then 65%, and over time they got smaller and smaller. Because more and more people have entered the network.

Raoul Pal

This network effect, continues Pal, is currently also observed in the crypto market and in particular with Bitcoin.

A maximalist would look at it and say the first stop is $500,000 a piece, the next stop is $5 million a piece, and the next stop is $10 million or more because we expect that bitcoin is transforming the paradigm of money and technology. her head. Bitcoin is the foundation of the 21st century cybereconomy.

Michael Saylor

Anyone who would have liked to have explained such statements in a more grounded way and would like to know why a Bitcoin price of 1 million US dollars did not completely come out of nowhere should read this article sincere.

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