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The crypto space has an age problem
Factor influencing investment behavior: level of household income
More than four times as many men as women have invested in crypto

The opinion research institute Forsa conducted a cryptocurrency survey of 1,004 representative selected German-speaking people aged 18 and over in private households by telephone for the crypto site BTC-ECHO. This emerged from the investigation of Bitcoin & Co.

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Crypto investments by age

As BTC-ECHO reports, the Forsa investigation has confirmed the German crypto space age problem, which was already widely known before. The survey showed that only 2% of over-60s are already invested in cryptocurrencies. Only three percent of this age group can imagine an investment in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin & Co. In the 30-39 age group, on the other hand, around 17% said they had already invested in the cryptography.

Investment dependent on income

According to the survey, another factor influencing investment behavior in the crypto market is household income level. According to BTC-ECHO, the higher the net household income, the higher the likelihood that cryptocurrencies have already been invested. However, it has also been shown that household net income seems to be less important for those who can basically imagine investing in crypto. Almost as many respondents with a net income below $1,500 as those with a net income between $1,500 and $3,000 could imagine investing in cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, 17% of respondents with a net household income above 3,000 euros could imagine investing in Bitcoin and Co.

Breakdown by gender and general acceptance

According to BTC-ECHO, 491 men and 513 women were among the respondents. In terms of gender breakdown, the survey found that 13% of men are already invested in crypto, while the figure for women is just 3%. However, almost as many women as men could imagine investing in cryptocurrencies in the future – 14% of women said this, and 16% of men.

In general, according to BTC-ECHO, the survey showed that Germans are still quite shy about crypto investments. Just over three-quarters of respondents said investing in Bitcoin and Co. was out of the question for them. According to the survey, 15% can imagine investing in cryptocurrencies – but have not yet invested – and only 8% of respondents already have cryptocurrencies in their portfolio. About 1 percent of respondents said they didn’t know. 228 people were primarily interested in cryptocurrencies, while 776 of the respondents were neither invested in nor interested in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Ban

Regarding a Bitcoin ban in the EU that has been much discussed in the recent past, according to BTC-ECHO, roughly equal numbers of women and men said they were more in favor of a ban. 28% of women said they were more likely to be against a ban and 22% said they didn’t know. Meanwhile, only 10% of men chose the “don’t know” response and 42% of men were more likely to oppose a ban.

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