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Better education for a better planet: Innovation engine karriere tutor® and sustainability investor Trill Impact tackle the challenges of a better future and digital education together © karriere tutor

Leading provider of subsidized online professional training karriere tutor® has entered into a cooperation with leading sustainability investor Trill Impact. Together, they want to revolutionize the international education industry and tackle ecological challenges.

Koenigstein im Taunus (ots)

Managing Director of karriere tutor GmbH, Oliver Herbig: “I am sure that the current problems of our times, equal opportunities, poverty, climate change and war, can be solved through the power of education. My team and I want to meet these challenges. And now, in cooperation with Trill Impact, we can finally tackle this problem at scale and holistically – if we join forces, we can really make a difference.”

The modern e-learning concepts of karriere tutor GmbH allow everyone to continue their training in addition to daily tasks, regardless of location, in order to embark on new professional paths. In this way, the training provider enables equal opportunities that did not exist in this way before. Additionally, karriere tutor® recognized early on the issues of digitization and shortage of skilled workers. Thus, the team has been able to focus its offer on these important topics since its creation. This is why they offer the model of remote work and online courses from the start and have successfully integrated thousands of graduates into the professional world in recent years.

Trill Impact is a leading sustainability investor. You make targeted investments in innovation drivers and companies with high potential in the field of sustainability. karriere tutor® is only the third German company in the Trill Impact portfolio. In this cooperation, they want to solve pressing social challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers and the “digital skills gap” for Germany and comprehensively promote access to fair education and equal opportunities.

“We offer our graduates career security, independent participation in the modern labor market and long-term personal freedom and satisfaction – this offer should now be made possible worldwide. With the help of Trill Impact , access to equitable education and equal opportunities is also promoted globally. We are also keen to assume social, ecological and economic responsibility on a global scale. To this end, we are currently offering participants and employees high-quality training, have implemented increased measures to protect the climate, have entered into partnerships to achieve goals and attach great importance to gender equality.In addition, with our paperless work , we have been a fully digital company since our foundation, which also implements social projects: these include the creation of a school in Zanzibar in cooperation with the CR Hope Foundation and the very successful project for Ukrainian refugees, which will be further expanded in the future,” says Oliver Herbig.

About Oliver Herbig and karriere tutor®:

Oliver Herbig is the founder of continuing education provider karriere tutor®. They offer location-independent continuing education, most of which is state-funded and therefore costs the participants nothing. In this way, people can continue their training in the most diverse areas of business and advance their careers without having to reckon with high costs. In addition, karriere tutor® attaches great importance to the topics of sustainability and social commitment. To this end, the United Nations Sustainability Goals for socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development are pursued and current challenges are addressed in cooperation with the sustainable investor Trill Impact in order to secure a better future. More information at:

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