Beeple NFT sold for $29 million

He did it again! Beeple, aka Beeple crap, aka Mike Winkelmann from the United States is $29 million richer.

Beeple NFT is a kinetic video sculpture

HUMAN ONE follows EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 500 DAY and is also an NFT. This time, however, it’s a dynamic NFT in the form of a moving 3D sculpture. It depicts a person in a spacesuit moving through different climatic zones.

Auction house Christie’s had assumed around US$15 million and also offered to sell the equivalent in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Of course, Christie’s is also happy with the higher selling price, after all, they will receive a bonus of around US$3.9 million.

The buyer of the Beeple NFT is Ryan Zurrer, a former venture capital partner at Olaf Carlson-Wee’s Polychain Capital.

With the artist’s first physical work, he will receive a digital title issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Incidentally, the auction only lasted about 3 minutes. From now on, the Swiss can install Beeple’s kinetic video sculpture in his home.

NFT art goes hybrid

Thanks to artist extraordinaire Beeple, NFT has entered the mainstream. Athletes and entertainers are busy capitalizing on the current trend, and a growing number of companies are also offering their own NFTs.

Like auction house Sotheby’s, which regularly auctions Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for significant sums.

Non-fungible tokens also became known thanks to CryptoKitties. The uniquely animated cats have found their way into many digital collections of enthusiasts and speculators for big bucks.

For other companies, NFT has become a key part of the expansion strategy, offers can also be found among rival blockchains such as Solana, Tezos or Flow.

Meanwhile, digital token trading volume tops $10 billion in the third quarter of 2021 alone, a whopping 704% year-over-year increase.

Above all, Ethereum is the beneficiary, but Ronin was also able to register more than 19%.

What is Ronin?

Ronin GameZ is an NFT marketplace for professionals in the film, video game and comic industry, but also for newcomers with high quality work. They can showcase their work on the NFT Marketplace and connect with investors and collectors.

What is the stream?

The decentralized blockchain is still partially in development and describes itself as developer-friendly. The platform for blockchain games and digital collectibles is aimed at developers and users of games and applications as well as digital assets, including NFT. At Flow, these tokens are simply called flow-nft. Dapper Lab, the company behind the CryptoKitties, developed Flow.

What is a dynamic NFT?

In a dynamic NFT, the functions influence the game decision in a game. But it can also be a hybrid of physical and digital technology, as in the case of the Beeple NFT.

What is Human 1?

The striding person in the silver robe wears some kind of space helmet and deliberately walks through the changing landscapes.

These are placed on the four walls of the 220.1 Γ— 121.9 Γ— 121.9cm projected as a continuous video in a large glass box. The frame is edged in aluminum and mahogany and complements almost any interior.

According to Beeple, he got the idea for this piece of art last summer when he and others were pushing two televisions on wheels through the studio.

The artist wants to continue the resulting project for life and update the storyboard from time to time based on new ideas. The NFT was hit on 10/28/21.

With the purchase, the new owner undertook to make the work of art available to the artist at any time for exhibition in museums or galleries.

What is a kinetic video sculpture?

The ongoing “Beeple gets real” project at the auction house is part of the “21st Century Evening Sale”, where “real” works of art are auctioned off.

However, Beeple’s kinetic video sculpt isn’t the first of its kind, just the first to be released as an NFT. Visual artists were already experimenting with video cameras and monitors 50 years ago.

Jon Keller’s work “Random Acts of Senseless Violence, Part I” is well known. In this work, the American artist has enhanced Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawk with a blue screen.


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