Because of Angela Merkel’s confusion: defeat “Beat the Star” for Marteria

If you hadn’t planned anything better for Saturday night, you might have watched “Schlag den Star”. As always, two adversaries clash. In the current case, actor Frederick Lau versus rapper Marteria. The two like each other, it shows quickly. Let’s go! Whose child’s photo do we see? Marteria had bet on Jan Delay, Frederick Lau on Thomas Gottschalk. But the chubby boy is Elton. So the moderator of the show ProSieben.

Moderator Elton: Not so friendly in a semi-private environment

Intermediate question: why is this Elton doing so well in business? He’s not a good moderator – and anyone who’s sat next to him on a plane knows the man really isn’t fun in a semi-private environment. Rarely experienced such an incredibly hostile person. And by the way: I have rarely met such a nice person in the semi-private space as Jörg Pilawa. The style quickly becomes obvious.

Actor Frederick: “I didn’t prepare myself at all”

Back to the show. It starts with climbing. “I’m not going home as number zero,” actor Frederick Lau says after the first point. “Freddy is extremely fit,” the woman says in the audience. Lau always wanted to be an ice hockey player, loves BVB and claims at the start of the show: “Today play Superman.” In the “scissors-his-image” we see a coin and the term cushion actually belongs to it. Awareness is required here. A kind of memory. The candle is a book, the duck is a house, the hat is a rabbit. “You remember things like that and then you walk out,” Marteria apologizes. Lau leads. “I didn’t prepare at all,” reveals Lau, who has just recovered from Corona. And extremely fit.

Marteria confuses Angela Merkel and Joey Kelly

It’s about guessing photos of celebrities from their youth. Marteria guesses Angela Merkel, but it’s Joey Kelly. “It’s almost the same,” comments Marteria. Stupid right? And the Rostocker then sings “Scheiß Ossis”, which “mess up your day”. Who likes it. Driving is a game. In a strange chassis he travels the hilly course. Marteria was on his way to professional football as a teenager. But he also wrote his first song lyrics at the age of 13. He stayed with the music. But back to the race: Lau nearly pushes moderator Elton.

Frederick Lau extends his lead

go up the stairs now. Who’s in better shape? Can Marteria still catch up? No, the actor is faster than the ex-footballer. It is 1:8 p.m. for Frederick Lau. Who will win the “Blow the Eggs” game? “We need eggs! “, motivates Marteria. What men say. 20:8. Frederick Lau’s eggs are definitely bigger. So quit tennis. No Boris Becker jokes. Its good. 28:8 for Lau.

In “embarrass or collect”: Marteria catches up

“Embarrass or collect”: Elton has to put on a jacket that doesn’t fit him. At least it sticks. Who knows who Putin cut the gas for? You really don’t know who the new secretary general of the FDP is? What is the name of the leader of the SPD next to Lars Klingbeil? It’s weird if neither of the two competitors knows about it. Standard education doesn’t really seem to exist. Marteria always wins the game. The “patschehandchen” also plays in his favor. Of course, everything must be shown in slow motion and with repetition. Out, almost midnight. But suddenly, it’s 11:27 p.m., it gets tight all of a sudden. Game number 11 is about skateboard throwing. Back protection is important, because no one should suffer from it. Except: real little acquaintances. But now Marteria is clearly leading. Who would have thought that. Does Lau have trouble “with the middle current” when pouring water? Yes.

Beat the Star Finals: Who’s really listening at 12:30 p.m.?

Which goalkeeper plays where? Which city is in which country? Of course, the regular broadcast time is long overdue. Who really stays tuned at 12:30 p.m. to find out who will be the star? “I didn’t make it,” admits moderator Elton as he prepares for the “Corner Ball” match. Didn’t surprise anyone either. Then the stars. “Really obviously good”, we hear from the start. “Zack and in!” Toilet break, too. “I really have to, but that would be really stupid,” Elton says. If you haven’t fallen asleep by now, you should consult your family doctor for appropriate pills. “Who wants some ?” asks Elton, who doesn’t use the restroom. It’s around 100,000 euros. 00:55 Who seriously watches this show for almost five hours? Many people don’t work that long at a time. The actor wins. Nice. Good night.

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