BEANZ Official NFT: Buy the new NFTs or rather opt for this collection with a potential upside of 6000%?

Official BEANZ NFTs are currently trading at a floor price of around 5 Ether and have recently been among the most popular NFTs. You also benefit from the popularity of Azuki NFTs. Because that’s what the official BEANZ NFTs are based on. In the following article, we’ll take a look at what official BEANZ NFTs are and what opportunities they provide. At the same time, we want to take a look at another NFT collection, which is said to have an appreciation potential of perhaps 6000%.

Official BEANZ NFT: Azuki’s NFT Sidekick

The makers of the official BEANZ NFTs are also responsible for the popular Azuki NFTs. When featured on social media, BEANZ’s new NFTs were described as “Azuki’s sidekick”.

“Introducing BEANZ: a small species that grows in garden soil. Being a sidekick is in their DNA, although some like to do it alone.”

NFT’s airdrop took place during the Azuki Garden Party event held in late April. After refreshing the metadata, you can find your own NFTs. The official BEANZ NFT collection consists of approximately 20,000 non-fungible tokens and is owned by the Azuki brand.

The floor price at OpenSea is currently around 5 Ether. So far, a volume of around 28,000 ethers has been traded. After an initial hype in April, BEANZ’s official NFTs have solidified at a high level. Performance should be more than satisfactory for all NFT owners. Recent trades were worth around 5 ether, or almost $15,000.

These are the features of official BEANZ NFTs

But what is the point of a BEANZ Official NFT? First, owners can combine their BEANZ NFT with the Azuki NFT without altering the original non-fungible token. There is also exclusive community access on Discord. There will be more drops for owners of official BEANZ NFTs in the future. At the same time, the minds behind Azuki and BEANS NFT have a few surprises in store. It will be interesting to see what other benefits will be created with NFT BEANS in the Azuki ecosystem.

NFT Airdrop by Azuki NFTs: The Hype Is Real

Official BEANZ NFTs are an airdrop of Azuki NFTs. The hype is real. Azuki NFTs are among the most popular NFT collections and are currently trading on OpenSea with a floor price of around 24 Ether. Chiru Labs’ 10,000 Ethereum-based NFTs sold out upon release. Holders have access to the Metaverse Virtual Garden – an exclusive community. And exclusivity has always driven prices up.

Can these NFTs increase by 6000%?

There is no doubt that official BEANZ NFTs also have decent price potential. As part of the Azuki universe, official BEANZ NFTs may continue to increase over the next few weeks, months, or years, though at first glance the design seems to take some getting used to. But that’s not really always the point in the NFT market either.

However, there are other NFTs that would have even more upside potential. For the Lucky Block NFT collection presented here, the potential could be over 6000% if we look at the performance of the Lucky Block Coins oriented. Because the native crypto lottery token has meanwhile increased by more than 6000% compared to the presale price as the fastest growing cryptocurrency in history go in.

Can Lucky Block NFTs achieve the same feat? Such a performance still seems far away. But with hype, NFT fans would have to settle for just a fraction of the development. Because the idea of ​​a disruptive blockchain-based crypto lottery definitely has hype potential in fast-growing online gambling.

The first Lucky Block NFT: “The Platinum Rollers Club Edition”

The Platinum Rollers Club Edition is the first Lucky Block NFT collection. It was launched in the spring of 2022 and is considered a pioneer in NFT gaming. Because the non-fungible tokens act as a sort of ticket for the NFT lottery. Anyone who holds a Lucky Block NFT will automatically participate in daily NFT lottery draws in the future. With a strictly limited number of 10,000 Lucky Block NFTs, the odds of winning are 1:10,000. The real advantage is obvious.

Currently, NFT fans can still purchase Lucky Block NFTs through the new NFT LaunchPad trading platform. At the same time, there is the chance to win a Lamborghini Aventador and a prize of one million US dollars.

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