At Kolping Jugendwohnen, trades trainees find safe and supervised accommodation for the ÜLU in Trier

In order to be able to participate in ÜLU courses, many trainees need accommodation. In Trier, the Kolping Youth Center and the Trier Chamber of Crafts jointly take care of their care.

For many young people, the serious side of life begins with their vocational training. This transition from school to work, from adolescence to adulthood, is a turbulent time full of new challenges and unfamiliar situations.

For many years, young adults have been Inter-company apprenticeship training (ÜLU) taught at the Chamber of Crafts (HWK) Trier. The many obstacles that intern must master at the beginning are known there. This is why we want to support young people and young adults as well as possible in their early career. This resulted in a cooperation with Kolping Jugendwohnen ten years ago.

parent concerns

“Parents send their children to Trier with mixed feelings,” says Karin Praus, head of education at HWK Trier. the interns come from a very spacious and very rural catchment area. Your places of residence and training companies are up to 100 kilometers from HWK Trier. Even trainees from Luxembourg are part of it. For people from the countryside, Trier is the “big city”, explains Praus.

She herself, who also grew up in the countryside, understands them Concerns and fears of parents as well as the challenge it poses for the trainees when they are alone in the city for an extended period of time for the first time.

Information evening allays fears

the Trier Chamber of Crafts and Youth residence Kolping Trier catch them in this situation. Even before the start of the training, they put together a set information evening out of. This is where social workers, future trainees and their parents meet for the first time. Let on this occasion answer open-ended questions and reduce fears. “At the start of the training, the trainees are bombarded with so much new information,” explains Praus, because it helps enormously if the most important points can be clarified in advance: “It creates security and structure” .

Youth residence Kolping Trier The Kolping house in Trier can look back on a long tradition. Since the 1960s, trainees and craftsmen have lived and spent the night in the former baroque Adelshof in the center of the old Roman town. In 2012, Kolping Jugendwohnen took over the house, which offers trainees more than just a place to sleep. Collective leisure activities and socio-educational support are an integral part of the offer.

Several weeks in Trier

Michael Meyer Photo: © Constanze Knaack-Schweigstill

Especially for Apprentices in the first two years of apprenticeshipwho are less mobile and often leave their parents’ home for the first time over a period of several weeks, whether trainee accommodation to Kolping Youth Residence a attractive offer.

This is also urgently needed, says Michael Meyer, social worker at the HWK construction site in Kenn, just outside Trier. Good one third of the year pass the interns in the first year of measurement in Trier. During this time, adds the social worker, the educational staff of Kolping Jugendwohnen and himself will be responsible for many trainees “Temporary Parents”.

Strongly represented construction trades

This mainly applies Apprentices in the building trades, which particularly use the Kolping youth houses in Trier. the lodging is financed by the social insurance fund for construction and organized by the HWK Trier if necessary.

But trainees could basically all trades come for the Chamber of Crafts Trier Inter-company training courses offers. They register with Kolping Youth Housing independently or through their employer.

Subsidies for housing abroad We have put together an overview of which federal states pay a subsidy for accommodation, meals and travel expenses, how much it amounts and where it can be applied for in the online article “Subsidies for block courses in vocational school – that’s what the federal government pays for” on

17 weeks at OLU

Annalena Schmitz is Road builder in first year of apprenticeship. She spends a total of over the year 17 weeks in inter-company training and in Kolping Youth Residence. The information evening was also a key moment for her and her parents, she reports. “Yes, you are in good hands there,” her parents said after the event and felt reassured.

Wide leisure offer

Annalena Schmitz Photo: © Constanze Knaack-SchweigstillAnnalena Schmitz Photo: © Constanze Knaack-Schweigstill

Since the beginning of his training Annalena Schmitz has already spent several weeks at Maison Kolping and is excited. Above all, enjoy Hobbies: Laser tag, football, cinema, bowling, summer barbecues, and sharing with other trainees. “In fact, we are usually in a very large group. Often a teacher comes and together we think about what we are going to do. This is how we spend time together, we have fun and everyone who wants are caught on.”

Professional and social development

Markus Lauterborn (right).  Annalena Schmitz.  Photo: © Constanze Knaack-SchweigstillMarkus Lauterborn (right). Annalena Schmitz. Photo: © Constanze Knaack-Schweigstill

The pedagogical specialists of the house also attach particular importance to this. Markus Lauterborn, a social worker at Kolping Jugendwohnen for two and a half years, explains: “The educational work in the direction of work of course plays a major role. But the educational work is just as important grow in the group. ” Being there for each other and including each other: this is an attitude that Kolping Jugendwohnheim wants to convey.

It is particularly advantageous if trainees receive both. the Chamber of Trades supported at the professional aspects and attaches great importance to the transmission of an appropriate appearance and behavior at work: the emphasis is on responsibility, autonomy and punctuality. During free time at Kolping Youth Residence it is still necessary first of all general skills being promoted.

Close collaboration

The Trier Chamber of Crafts and the Kolping Jugendwohnen Trier did not operate as separate spheres, but rather closely together. This makes it possible to fully support trainees in their career start-up and in their evolution towards responsible and autonomous adults.

Source: Kolping Jugendwohnen Trier/Trier Chamber of Crafts

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