All the votes for the FDP on Sunday!


A new state parliament will be elected in the coastal state next Sunday. Free Democrats are fighting to ensure that the successful work of government can continue. Because that’s what the country needs right now.

When polling stations in Schleswig-Holstein close at 6 p.m. on May 8, leading FDP candidate Bernd Buchholz is hoping for a double-digit result. Over the past five years, the Free Democrats in the Jamaican government have achieved a great deal and improved the quality of life in Schleswig-Holstein. But they don’t want to rest on their laurels, says Buchholz in an interview with “”. In order to develop the full potential of the country, the economic competence of the liberals is necessary. Buchholz is convinced that if the people want the maintenance of a successful state government, “they can only get it with the FDP”. He clarified to “Ahrensburg.TV”: “What the country needs now is liberals in the next state government.”

In an interview with “ZDF-Morgenmagazin”, the head of the FDP list explained that the debate on the import of Russian gas and oil has accelerated the energy issue in the country. For Buchholz, the most important projects after the election are obvious: “It’s about the LNG import terminal in Brunsbüttel. We now need security of energy supply very, very quickly.” ‘A20 should be brought to the draft stage and the reform of nurseries 2.0 should be launched.

Buchholz also spoke about the expansion of wind power in the country. Despite a legal moratorium that prevented expansion on the land during the expiring legislative period, production increased to 8.7 gigawatts. “So we will reach the ten that we had actually planned for 2025 much earlier. But we still have to develop even more”, he says with motivation. Two percent of the land area of ​​the country has been designated for wind power, so wind turbines will continue to be built on land and water in the future.

Regarding the extension of the A 20 coastal motorway, the head of the FDP list explained that the slowness of the process of approval of the plans for this project prevented its rapid realization. Despite many obstacles, the project has made good progress. He expects the planning approval decision to be made no later than early next year. “This highway is extremely important for the country, because right now on the west coast, it shows that we have not only opportunities thanks to the energy transition, but also economic opportunities thanks to the installation of a giga-factory of battery cells in Dithmarschen.”

The head of the FDP list is still on a campaign tour across the country until May 7. You can chat with him and learn about the goals and projects of the Free Democrats. FDP leader Christian Lindner is also coming to Schleswig-Holstein to support Buchholz and his team in the home stretch of the election campaign.

As with almost all elections, the Federal Agency for Civic Education has drawn up a Wahl-O-Mat together with the Schleswig-Holstein State Commissioner for Civic Education. On the basis of 38 theses, you can measure your agreement with the responses of 16 parties in the running.

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