Adobe presents services for the Metaverse

03/16/2022 – At Adobe Summit in Los Angeles, Adobe announced a range of new tools and solutions as well as collaborations designed to support brands in the Metaverse.

by Frauke Schobelt

The Adobe Group
believes in the future of Metaverse and announced it at its digital conference ‘Adobe Summit’
numerous innovations for the design, creation and distribution of realistic virtual experiences. The new tools and solutions are designed to help agencies and brands adapt to the new demands of immersive 3D design to thrive in the metaverse. With cooperation partners such as The Coca-Cola Company
Epic Games
and Nvidia
Adobe is already working on corresponding tools for 3D content creation, e-commerce and mobile immersive experiences. Adobe also released a metaverse-centric branded playbook and previewed upcoming Substance 3D Modeler and augmented reality (AR) shopping tools.

New integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud will allow Adobe’s 3D content creation and personalization solutions to be used across a wide range of industries. All offerings build on – and extend – the capabilities Adobe currently offers to create immersive 3D experiences, e-commerce platforms, and digital experiences. In the future, brands should also be able to offer their customers seamless and personalized digital experiences, regardless of location or channel. The Vision: Users design their individual online characters and possessions and use these personalized resources in virtual worlds.

“The Metaverse and other immersive experiences will only be successful if they are feature-rich, personalized and interactive”said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president of Adobe Creative Cloud. “To be a leader in the metaverse, brands need to start creating 3D and immersive content now – this will not only prepare them for the future, but also improve their product design and marketing and the creation of brand assets. e-commerce, faster and cheaper.”

The group believes the Metaverse will drive the next big wave of innovation, with particular potential in work, play, e-commerce, robotics, self-driving vehicle training and climate change research. “As the Internet evolves, the demand for immersive data-driven experiences, e-commerce, multi-user capabilities, and the ability to have and export personalized versions of one’s identities and possessions across worlds virtual will be bigger than ever.”predicts Anil Chakravarthy, president, Digital Experience Business, Adobe.

In its preview, Adobe also introduced tools to bring e-commerce applications into the metaverse. With augmented reality shopping capabilities, marketers can embed AR markers into digital images on their websites. Customers can then photograph a product online and automatically see the exact size and fit of the product in their home – merging the virtual and physical worlds.

The group also showcased a range of new AI tools and features for personalization, new cloud services and numerous partnerships at Adobe Summit.

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