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In Germany alone, more than 1.5 million people play browser games every day, which represents a turnover of more than 600 million euros.

Berlin (ots)

The increasingly popular web gaming market is currently booming and has many beneficiaries. Unlike mobile games, the industry has the problem of distribution, as there is no central place to market HTML5 games, as there is with mobile games and corresponding stores. Therefore, web games have to go their own way of distribution, which has caused a real boom lately.

Moreover, the pure Very large number of web games available, which makes it difficult for individual developers to still profit from the development of these games, as usually the majority of revenue goes to the publisher and not the developer. An example of this is the itch.io portal, which alone already offers well over 200,000 online games. Another example of the remarkable development and enormous potential of this industry is the start-up OP Games, which recently raised nearly US$9 million in seed capital. The company’s goal is to provide Web 3.0 game developers with revenue opportunities through the distribution of their games. This figure already shows how real the potential of web games is.

The potential is far from exhausted

Another company that has been making waves in the web gaming market in recent years is CrazyGames from Belgium, which offers games from more than 500 developers and delights more than 17,000 players per month. More than 7000 games are offered on CrayzGames website, which can easily be played directly and completely eliminate the need for installation, downloading, etc. Plus, around 1000 more games are added every week, so website users can always access new titles.

It was still unthinkable when the popular Flash for multimedia applications was suddenly no longer supported in the browser. Because of this, industry experts assumed that without this platform things wouldn’t continue, but things turned out differently and the industry is currently experiencing huge growth, in which CrayzGames plays an important role. This is reflected in the company’s nomination by Deloitte for the fastest growing technology company award in Belgium.

Technology drives growth

Thanks to revolutionary technologies, web games have been able to gain popularity in recent times. With Flash support ending, many thought browser games would never recover, but thanks to HTML5 technology, which has been around for over 7 years, web games have evolved and are now better than ever, better that Flash was never made possible. . HTML5 inspires developers and gamers mainly because no plugins are required for it and the games run on all imaginable browsers and can also be played independently of the end device.

Thus, CrayzGames from Belgium has positioned itself optimally on the market and constantly expanding its range. Users can also continue to trust that the games offered there are completely free and very accommodating to players.

Best graphics – best games

In terms of graphics and performance, web games were able to take another real leap forward, thanks to the WebGL technology is possible. This was developed by Mozilla and is based on Javascript, which offers new possibilities for developers. The result is impressive, today’s web games are very realistic in their graphics, for which proprietary shading code has been developed, making games with interactive 3D graphics possible in the first place.

In addition, players can continue to play older titles from web games, because thanks to emulators this is possible without any problems, as CrazyGames also shows. Overall, developments in the industry and especially new technologies have resulted in more web games being developed today than ever before. Plus, there are always viral hits that take the gaming world by storm, like Friday Night Funkin’.

about the company

The company CrazyGames (https://fr.crazygames.com/) de Belgique currently has 14 employees and was able to take advantage of the boom to hire seven more employees. Founded in 2013 by Raf Mertens, the company has around 15 million monthly users and was ranked last year by Deloitte as the fourth fastest growing company in Belgium.

This year, Deloitte again voted the fastest growing companies in the tech industry in Belgium and CrazyGames celebrated the results on November 25 by finishing 43rd overall. So is CrazyGames among the 50 fastest growing companies for the third year in a row. Already last year, CrazyGames was able to register 70% more usage and 60% more sessions. In order to reach even more players in the future, the company recently opened a TikTok account in order to reach even more and especially other users.

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