A legendary developer has created fantastic sci-fi worlds

Warren Spector is a world renowned developer who has shaped the sci-fi genre in gaming like no other. Now, the Fantasy Worlds creator has commented on the trends surrounding the Metaverse, social media, and NFTs – Spector isn’t all that enthusiastic about it.

Who is Warren Spector? Spector has worked on major game titles in his career and has done some groundbreaking work, especially in the science fiction realm.

His career as a developer and producer includes titles such as the space fighter revolution Wing Commander (1990), the revolutionary sci-fi shooter System Shock (1994) or the dystopian Deus Ex, which combines shooter, RPG and adventure mechanics.

In a great interview with VentureBeat (via venturebeat.com), the scifi visionary talked about new technologies such as the Metaverse, NFTs and social media. They don’t do Spector well.

“Why would anyone want to participate? »

What does Spector say about this? The developer and producer is extremely critical of the latest developments in internet technology.

As he says of NFTs: “NFTs are ridiculous. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be involved. Ownership of virtual goods that can be reproduced instantly in unlimited quantities. Who thinks that’s a good idea?

What’s wrong with NFTs? “Non-fungible tokens” are part of blockchain technology and enable a new level of security in the network. However, the technology has been criticized for being close to highly speculative cryptocurrencies.

There is a lot of money at stake and many players fear that their favorite pastime will degenerate into an object of speculation in which everything revolves around money even while gambling.

On the Metaverse, Spector isn’t as harsh, but doesn’t immediately see the breakthrough of the “virtual world”: “The Metaverse, of course, maybe one day. But only when I’m long gone. And I am happy.”

Spector continues, “I love living in the real world. I don’t like putting on a helmet and interacting with other people virtually without knowing if my wife will show up behind me with a baseball bat – I just don’t like that.”

What is the Metaverse? There is no precise definition yet. However, the underlying idea is to create a virtual and social world in which we can do everything we can do in real life.

Everyone has their unique avatar, all apps and items are compatible with each other, and you can work, live, and meet friends and meet strangers in the Metaverse.

Spector sees the Metaverse as an evolution of social media and is skeptical that people even want it: “It’s not like we’re going to look at the current social media landscape and say, ‘Hey, that’s awesome. !””.

Her take on social media: “I haven’t been on social media in two years, almost three years. I just gave up. I’m sick of people bugging me, I’m sick of it. enough of my time there. It hasn’t added anything to my life.

Where does Spector see the future of gaming? He implies that he is not the right person to go to for predictions. For him, VR and Metaverse generally have the potential to define gaming in the future.

But he also thinks that other technologies are not sufficiently exploited. However, he doesn’t want to get carried away with the developments and says, “Just let me make my plays. […] I think we still have so much innovation ahead of us just in flat screen gaming.”

You can find the full Warren Spector interview on VentureBeat.com.

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