2024 metaverse breakthrough? Zuckerberg wants the ‘iPhone moment’

Meta is reportedly preparing two AR smart glasses to be launched in 2024. These glasses are named Nazare and Orion. Both will offer an innovative augmented reality experience and can project 3D graphics directly into the eye The edge.


  • Meta is working on two AR glasses named Nazare and Hypernova.
  • The glasses are designed to project 3D graphics into the eye.
  • Nazare and Hypernova are expected to launch in 2024.
  • A smartwatch with EMG is also on the roadmap.

Meta’s drive to create breakthrough products doesn’t stop with its foray into virtual reality and the metaverse. According to a new report, Mark Zuckerberg is so serious about developing AR glasses that he’s longing for a “wow moment” similar to the one seen when the first iPhone launched.

Project Nazare: Smart glasses with holographic display

The first smart glasses are called Nazare – they are the most powerful of the duo. It must be equipped with wave-controlled microLED projectors and be able to project images directly into the eye of the wearer. According to the report, eye tracking is also integrated. There’s also said to be a front-facing camera and stereo sound, similar to the Ray-Ban Stories and Bose Tenor smart glasses.

Project Nazare should also work independently of a smartphone. However, people familiar with the project said a wireless device would be needed. The sticking point is the computing power needed to render 3D graphics.

Additionally, according to the report, Meta wants the glasses to be comfortable to wear and not look weird – so they should be suitable for everyday use. However, it is also mentioned that the first generation of glasses are designed more for private use than public. The current Nazare prototype weighs four times as much as normal glasses and the battery life is said to be around four hours. Of course, this information can still change before the product is launched on the market.

At the same time, Meta is also reportedly working on a cheaper pair of smart glasses – codenamed Hypernova – due to launch in 2024. Unlike the Nazare’s “full immersive” display, Hypernova will offer more of a smaller heads-up display . However, it is also said to offer AR capabilities and requires pairing with a smartphone. The bottom line is that the glasses should be quite similar to Google Glass and display content such as notifications, navigation instructions, etc.

Both smartglasses are slated to launch in 2024, and Meta apparently doesn’t expect them to become consumer devices immediately, as the cost of smartglasses is still very high. According to the report, Meta may subsidize the price of its AR glasses for developers and early adopters at launch.

Meta Hologram in future AR smart glasses

3D graphics and holograms are possible with Meta’s first full-fledged AR glasses. / © Meta

Meta Smartwatch interacts virtually with AR glasses

In the near future, Meta will not only launch smart glasses. The company is also said to be planning a smartwatch or wrist-worn device capable of EMG (differential electromyography). The watch recognizes electrical impulses at the wrist and uses them for gesture control. With smart glasses as a display, controllers or touch screens should become superfluous.

The technology is not new. Meta has already taken over a company called CTRL-Labs, which studies precisely this differential EMG. According to the report, the technology won’t be ready in a few years – so it could take longer than 2024.

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