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The 1E9_Update May 6, 2022 // Magic Mushrooms, Combat Drones, Metavers and Aliens – Newsletter

Hello, dear @members of 1E9! Become one with the cosmos. Immerse yourself in the spirit world. See the world in a new light. Such experiences are reported by people who consume magic mushrooms. But they are no longer just hippies, esoterics or party animals. Tech investors have caught on too – and are investing millions … Read more

The slow farewell to the postman

Bonn (dpa) – “If it weren’t for the good old post office, where would all the letters come from?” Heinz Rühmann followed his own path to this film music as “Briefträger Müller” in the 1950s – on screen he delivered letters in a small town whose inhabitants he knew well and greeted them friendly. The … Read more

These 5 countries have the most jobs

Blockchain technology is revolutionary and innovative. In a very short time, an industry worth billions has grown up around them. But the growth has been too fast: there are more jobs than qualified talent with skills in areas such as Java, machine learning, Python and artificial intelligence (AI). Crypto and AI professions There is a … Read more

How start-ups also take care of the common good in NRW

May 6, 2022 at 1:45 p.m. Green beacon : Reasons for the common good – NRW start-up with new horizons The unconventional campaigns of Greenpeace, for example, have nothing directly to do with social start-ups, but they confirm that unusual paths are also taken in the green transformation of society. Photo: dpa/Peter Kneffel Dusseldorf More … Read more

CDU State Parliament Candidate Visits Libra Electoral Community

May 6, 2022 at 1:51 p.m. State election campaign in Kamp-Lintfort : CDU State Parliament Candidate Visits Libra Electoral Community Sascha van Beeck from Alpen spoke with members of the electoral community. Photo: Norbert Prumen Kamp-Lintfort During the tour of the new Libra office on Prinzenplatz, Sascha van Beek focused on family, education and social … Read more

Dormagen: secondary school celebrates its completion

May 6, 2022 at 5:12 p.m. Training in Dormagen : Secondary school celebrates the end In good spirits: Mayor Erik Lierenfeld, Principal Bettina Mazurek and School Board Principal Engin Ince (left to right). Photo: Stefan Büntig Dormagen The name of American environmentalist Rachel Carson was also recognized. 22.4 million euros were invested in the complete … Read more

Podcast generator: Regulate or ban the metaverse! | Ignition Radio | Bavaria 2 | radio

  “The metaverse is the physical internet,” says cyberethicist Chris Bühler. According to top Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs, our digital future could “feel like you’re actually there with other people. You can see their facial expressions, their body language, and also see if they really have better cards,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained at the … Read more

New – Spotify Island in the Metaverse

The world’s leading music streaming provider Spotify presents its own Spotify island in the metaverse. In cooperation with expert Web3 and Metaversum Roblox, the fusion of game, digital world and reality is implemented. Not only will there be lots of music on Spotify Island, but there will also be interactions with artists and musicians and … Read more

VerkehrsRundschau presents the VR Awards, Springer Fachmedien München GmbH, press release

VerkehrsRundschau, the Munich magazine for freight forwarding, transport and logistics, awards the VR Award for the third time. The coveted prizes were awarded in the three categories of training, digitization and environmental protection. There was also a public prize. The VerkehrsRundschau presented the VR Awards for the third time on May 5. At the VerkehrsRundschau … Read more