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Fund manager Sjoerd Rozing: “Clear social problem” | 04/30/22

Triodos has launched a fund dedicated to empowering children. What investors can expect. By Julia Gross, Euro am Sonntag DTriodos Bank’s wealth management company, known for its impact investing, has launched Triodos Future Generations, a fund designed to improve the well-being of children. 0.1% of net asset value is donated to UNICEF annually. Fund manager … Read more

$80 million theft from the platform

Attackers stole approximately 80 million Ethereum from Rari Capital’s Fuse platform, which was caused by a smart contract code exploit. The vulnerability has resulted in the loss of millions A vulnerability in the Fuse software allowed attackers to access the company’s financial services by exploiting the smart contract permissions of Ethereum-based technology. Blockchain company Blocsec … Read more

Opinion and freedom – news from Leipzig

From May 3 to 10, 2022, it will once again be “Freedom of Expression Week”. As a joint action of major book and newspaper publishers such as the German Book Trade Association, but also countless bookstores, in “Reporters Without Borders” and “Amnesty International”, a large-scale initiative which deals with the freedom to freely inquire about … Read more

BIP-119 Bitcoin Proposal in Fast Track?

Former Bitcoin Core developer Jeremy Rubin wants to perform a Miner Activated Soft Fork (MASF) and has submitted BIP-119 for it. This would mean a significant change to an operation code and introduce so-called “covenants”, a new type of conditional transactions. Jeremy Rubin wants to put the BIP-119 through the Speedy Trial BIP stands for … Read more

German Chancellor’s Bitcoin Warning – WiWa-Lokal

Cryptocurrency has taken the financial world by storm over the past decade, and it looks like their rain isn’t slowing down anytime soon. But Chancellor Olaf Schultz recently warned against new cryptocurrency price research. Anyone who knows anything about crypto won’t want to miss a line from this article. So, that said, let’s go. First, … Read more

NFT Clubs – Why NFT Communities Are Growing Bigger

The blockchain world is diverse and complex, NFTs are still experiencing immense hype. It is often difficult to keep an overview here, the range is too wide. Countless new NFTs pop up every day – which are scams, which have potential? What are the gadgets, what are the investments? Moreover, NFT owners have one thing … Read more